My first Ayahuasca experience in Peru – I felt pure & unconditional love

I have been wanting to try Ayahuasca for many years since I heard about it from a friend. She described it as a life-changing experience and over the years I got more and more curious to try. 

They say Ayahuasca can help you to heal past traumas and some people say they felt unconditional love during a session. After my breakup and my depression, these were things I wished to happen for myself more than anything. 

Last year after I quit my job I started my travels in Argentina and the plan was to travel South America until reaching Mexico. Because of Covid, I had to end my trip after three months and never made it to Peru, where I planned to join an Ayahuasca Retreat. 

I could have done it in Europe but I knew if I try Ayahuasca it has to be at the place where it all comes from the amazon area. 

When Peru opened their borders again in the middle of this year I knew it was my calling to do it. I researched a lot for the right place until I found Willkamayu Spirit  I felt this was the right place to do it and after speaking to Janneke one of the owners I had trust that I found the perfect place. 

So I booked my flights to Peru and signed up for the retreat. To prepare they suggest sticking to a healthy diet – no alcohol, sugar, caffeine, meat and so on and I committed to sticking to that diet until after the retreat. After I arrived in Peru last week Jhon (the facilitator) picked us up from Cusco himself and drove us to the beautiful retreat centre near Urubamba.

Retreat Center in Urubamba, near Cusco, Peru.

We signed up for three days and two sessions. 

I must say that I struggled a lot during the first session. The medicine tasted awful and I had to throw up basically for the entire session (5 hours). I also had a lot of very confusing thoughts – I saw some very wired colours and forms but it all didnโ€™t make sense. Looking back I think I relived my depression and that was probably what I needed to heal. 

I didnโ€™t want to go through this experience again. But Jhon and the Maestro made me feel very safe the entire time so I decided to join the second ceremony! Deep down I had trusted, that I would experience some healing. I waited for so many years and flew around the world to experience this feeling of unconditional love and I felt I was close to receiving it. 

I set my intention for the second ceremony: Feeling love, having a quiet mind, experiencing peace and healing. Thatยดs what I wanted to get out and I DID! After I drank the cup I lay down and 30 minutes later I was in pure bliss for the next hours. 

All I felt was love! So much love, unconditional love and peace. 

I didnโ€™t see or hear or think anything. My mind was quiet but I felt deeply and everything I felt was beautiful. I started to sing (I NEVER sind) but the sounds came out of my mouth and I felt pure joy and happiness. My entire body was covered in love. It was this warm feeling and I felt so safe. 

During these five hours, I knew that I was healing and I knew I had to share this with the world. I could feel that this is what we are and who we truly are! I heard it many times before but never experienced it myself. But please let me tell you, that you are unconditional love. You are nothing else but love. WE ALL ARE! 

I think this experience changed my life. I have so much more compassion for others now.ย I was on a mission to help people before, but now I know this is what I am here for.ย I want to help you to experience self-love! To learn how not to act on your triggers but treat others with compassion instead.ย 

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Know you are love, know you are loved


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