Are you unhappy with how your life is right now, and you can’t seem to change it? Do you feel stuck? You know there is more to life but you are not even sure what you want and where to start?

As a professional Strategic Intervention Life Coach, I help you to overcome your obstacles & achieve your goals. Together we will boost your self-confidence and adopt a growth mindset. I will show you tools to manage stress and understand your emotions better.



My goal as a coach is to help you make a plan
to live the life you WANT to live.

Some people want to have a happy romantic relationship. Others want success in business. Some want to make a contribution to others. Some want to be better parents. Some want to be healthy and energetic. Some people want all of this. My objective as a coach is to help you to accomplish your goals, whatever they might be.

In this one session, you will get clarity on your goals, identify the limiting beliefs holding you back and understand more about human emotions and how to change them.

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Coaching with Nadine showed me the incredible value of having a dedicated coach in my life. The sessions with her gave me a clear sense of who I am and who I want to, and what kind of people I want to have around me, I came to coaching with the hope of finding peace with myself and not stressing about everything. And I can happily say that my expectations were met.

Throughout the coaching series, Nadine helped me to develop new strengths that I didn't even know I had. For example, I learned to be less harsh with myself and to be more self-confident. I also surprised myself by letting things go and gaining more patience - things I never thought were possible for me.

One of the things I benefited from and enjoyed the most was talking with Nadine. Her energy and guidance were always spot-on, and she helped me to gain a new perspective on my life and my goals.

Thanks to my coaching experience with Nadine, I am now committed to setting boundaries with people and operating differently than I did before. I feel more empowered and confident in myself, and I know that I have the tools to continue growing and improving. Overall, I am extremely grateful for the experience and would recommend Nadine to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

Natalie W.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

In case you wonder if you should give Nadine a try let me share shortly my story: I felt dull as my world consisted of too many life choices, poor work-life balance, and low self-esteem. I felt overwhelmed by my job, myself and the whole world seemed to turn its back on me. Nadine helped me to get me out of the victim role I have placed myself but also assisted me to redefine myself. I realized that I never understood the true meaning of self-love and how important it is to be aligned with yourself. Thanks to Nadine, fulfillment got tangible to me. I cannot express in words how grateful I am that our paths have crossed and how much she inspired me to make not only better choices for myself but also to look for the magic in life. I know now that I am responsible for my life and I love it! The only regret I have is that I did not start this journey much earlier! 😊 Thank you Nadine!!!

Victoria D.

Hamburg, Germany

Nadine is a brilliant coach. I've had many sessions with her and was able to introduce new habits into my daily life. During the sessions, I gain clarity and clear instructions on what to do. A beautiful mind shift I've noticed in myself  - I was able to go for a 5k run. Just like that. And I actually really enjoyed it😳😂. That's huge for someone like me. I haven't felt like running for forever, and now I do. All are a result of the coaching session with Nadine.  Thanks, Nadine 😁 Looking forward to the ongoing weekly coaching calls with Nadine and am very excited about all the new habits and distinctions I'll be gaining from them. I highly recommend Nadine. 

Lana K.


Nadine has a gentle, kind yet clear and productive way of coaching. Every time I come away from a session I feel like I can achieve anything and have clear actions to take to get me closer to my goals.

Louise B.


Nadine is a great coach!! It was my first coaching and Nadine managed to gain my trust from the start. She has helped me in so many ways and given me personal advice which I could implement in my everyday life. I would recommend Nadine if you are looking for someone to help you achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams.

Lesly L.

Konstanz, Germany

Nadine helped me understand myself better and identify my values and needs and what drives me in life. She also helped me to let go of negative beliefs. By understanding this, I could make changes in my life to live a more fulfilled life.

Dilfuza J.



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