Ushuaia – To the end of the world and back

Ushuaia, Patagonia, Argentina

Whether it is the highest mountain, the biggest desert or the deepest sea people thoroughly enjoy pushing the extremities that our beautiful planet offers. This human mindset of adventure is one of the main reasons that Ushuaia is on a number of backpackers to-do list – who wouldn’t want to tick off visiting the world’s most southern city, known by many simply as the end of the world?!

Ushuaia is a utopia of sorts, if you arrive here as we did from Buenos Aires the change is drastic  – you leave the heat, large volumes of people, buildings and pollution behind and are met with exceptionally crisp fresh air, snowy mountain peaks surrounding you and exuberance of nature. To me, it almost felt like a step back in time, away from the overpopulated and demanding modern world. 
Ushuaia had an air of calmness, a community feel and a sea that you looked at in awe knowing that the next part of the land would be the Antarctic. We had arrived at the end of the world and it certainly did feel like it.

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