Yoga & Healing Weekend



We’re excited to offer a 2.5 Day Transformational weekend that allows you to stretch, heal and transform your life. During this transformational weekend, you’ll be guided by an experienced Yogi and a Curandera (healer). We’ll begin at 5pm on Friday with an opening circle, followed by a bit of light yoga and some rest/reflection time. [You may arrive for a meal and social hour from 3pm] On Saturday, we’ll begin the day with a light breakfast, some body movement and intention setting. Then, will have a moderate journey dose of psilocybin in a safe and comfortable setting where deep inner work of healing will be the focus. After a shared meal and sharing circle, you’ll have a cozy night’s sleep in your provided accommodations. (Shared or private accommodations available.) On Sunday, we will rise and greet the day with a yoga session. We’ll enjoy a sound bath, nourishing brunch, sharing circle, workshop and integration before ending with another meal together at 5pm. If you’d like to stay over Sunday night for convenience, it’s available for a minimal charge (15€).


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