#12 Why you don’t have to be afraid to take time to yourself – Interview with Naomi Clark

Today on the podcast, I speak to Naomi; she is a Hot Yoga Teacher from the South of England and has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years. Her yoga story started at age three whilst attending pregnancy yoga with her mother in 1974.  She came back to Yoga in 1998 by practising Iyengar and Hatha Yoga – but after her spine and knees were damaged in a car accident, it was Bikram Hot Yoga classes that fixed her.   She taught in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Jamaica, Ibiza, and London before opening the first Bikram Hot Yoga Studio in Brighton back in 2002. Because of the pandemic, she closed both of her studios and is teaching fully online now! Naomi and I speak about happiness being a strong sense of contentment. We talk about the struggles and distractions of a Bikram Yoga class, about Vipassana and about a way to recall happy feelings from your past back in your body. 

From Naomi, you will learn 

✨Why happiness doesn’t have to be dependent on the environment around us 

✨Why do older people feel more happiness 

✨Why you don’t have to be afraid to take time to yourself 

✨Why it’s important to put your happiness first and how you can feel confident about it 

If you want to get in touch with Naomi, you will find her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naomiclarky…

Vipassana 👉https://www.dhamma.org/de/index.Vipas…

What is Bikram Yoga: https://happinessafari.com/yoga/ 

Book-tip:  Knee Deep in Grace: The Extraordinary Life and Teaching of Dipa Ma 👉 https://amzn.to/345MSnC

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