#17 Who would you be if you could be who you are? The power of breathwork – Interview Jean Sangale

On today’s episode, I speak with Jean from Nairobi, Kenya. She is a dedicated, enthusiastic and inspired Breath Work Facilitator. For nearly half a century, she tried to manage depression with Meditation, a dedicated yoga practice, medication intervals, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness, creative expression & self-help … then she stumbled upon conscious connected breathwork, and it clicked. It made everything else work better. It has led her on an accelerated journey through her psyche and her body. Revealing wounds and motivations developed a new and refreshed understanding of herself. The same but completely different. She now shares her ever-growing knowledge and experience of the fantastic tool/technology/function/gift that breathwork is. With Jean, I speak about her happiness journey and how our own healing journey sometimes becomes our way of helping others. We also talk about breathwork and the importance of the breath.

From this interview, you will learn:

✨how your midlife crises can turn into a midlife quest 
✨how breath can transform your life 
✨when you know enough to bring your wisdom to the world
✨how you can release old pains with breathwork 

She also shares with us why life gets sweeter and better with age 🙂

Be inspired—breath in life. Make your breath a priority and dare to meet yourself.

Get in touch with Jean 👉 https://www.jeansangale.com/
5 minutes joy breath 👉https://www.transformationalbreath.com/
Hendricks Institute 👉https://hendricks.com/topic/upper-lim…
Clarity breathwork 👉https://www.claritybreathwork.com
I AM LOVE BREATH 👉https://youtu.be/EgYobezi40E
The Big Leap by HarperCollins 👉https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0026772QU/…

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