#20 Why am I doing this? Interview with Wole Yoga

Today on the podcast, I speak to Wole from the UK. 

I met Wole in London in 2018 when we both worked for the same Yoga studio. Wole is a yoga teacher and a business improvement manager in the IT & Telecommunications sector.He had a battle with stress and depression and “two divorces”, one personal divorce and one corporate divorce at the same time. Leaving the corporate sector led him to a career change and his journey into the well-being and yoga space. He derives a great deal of happiness from engaging with people and sharing some of the positive things, which has led him to a happy place both emotionally and spiritually.

Most of all, raising his three beautiful, graduate daughters as a single father is right up there in terms of achievements and things that make him happy and proud. Wole and I speak about the transition from the corporate world and leaving the security of a guaranteed income into a self-employed life in the leisure industry. We also talk about the challenges which come with that and how to overcome them. The freedom of not owing anybody anything and detachment and why the obstacles we encounter are here to help us.

From this episode, you will learn: 

✨how to pursue your dreams 

✨why it is important what we are consuming 

✨why we sometimes need to destroy something to create something better 

✨how to define your success for yourself 

✨why it’s essential to nurture your relationships 

✨why it’s important to spend more time with your grandparents 

✨why do we have control over our destiny 

✨why nobody is responsible for your happiness 

Get in touch with Wole. 

Instagram 👉 https://www.instagram.com/woleyoga/ 

Website 👉 www.woleyoga.com 

Yoga school👉 www.Indabayoga.com 

Mixcloud 👉www.mixcloud.com/wole 

Book – Tip
Nelson Mandala – The road to freedom

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