#28 How to choose life – you are not alone- –  Interview with Rachel Zehden 

Today’s episode is probably the most touching interview I have had so far. Rachel and I went to school together when her name was Anna-Lena Wilke.  Now she is a children’s book author known as Rachel Wolke and lives with her husband and three kids in LA. She developed her love and passion for writing at a very young age but made it an essential part of her life after losing her father, Rainer Wilke. The sports journalist passed away in 2005, which left young Rachel in deep shock. At this point, writing became a healing process and helped her to overcome this difficult phase. It was during this period that she brought Claus Cloud to life. The German translation of the character is “Willi Wolke”, which was the exact pseudonym that her dad had often used for his writings. You might think losing one parent is hard enough, but unfortunately, the universe tested Rachel one more time. 
While she was three months pregnant with her second child, she lost her mom in March 2018 to suicide.  Rachel didn’t want to let her experience and the Trauma she had to go through define her. She dug deep to understand depression and suicide. To heal, she started to volunteer at a suicide prevention hotline. Since she couldn’t help her mother, she is hoping at least to help other people in distress. Until today Rachel hopes that by sharing her story and how she could find happiness again, She’ll help others to find the light in very dark times. Rachel shares her story in a very open and venerable way – how she found happiness after her dad passed away and how she coped after her mom took her life. We also speak about mental health and depression and the importance of a support system! 

From today’s episode, you will learn. 

✨how to be happy despite the things around you

✨how to listen to yourself 

✨how to decide that our want to life 

✨how to overcome your biggest fear 

✨how to know if you are suffering from depression 

✨how to have balance in life 

✨how to be gentle and kind to yourself 

I don’t want you to feel alone! When you listen to this, I want you to sit on the couch, having the feeling you are having a conversation with an old friend. And I hope that all the strength Rachel has is giving you some strength too. 

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeol0BU7xLqMZtJhs9hCFEg/featured

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachelwolke/  

Email: Rachel@zigzagtheapp.com

Zig Zag App https://www.zigzagtheapp.com/  


Willy Wolke https://www.wolkenteurer.de/ 

Claus Cloud Engl. https://www.clauscloud.com/ 

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz: https://www.thefouragreements.com/ 

The High 5 Habit Mel Robbins https://www.high5habit.com/  

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