#29 The Power of Feng Shui – Interview with Cynthia Young

Cynthia Young is a Feng Shui Practitioner and Meditation Instructor.

For the past ten years, Cynthia has guided her transformational journey and has helped others through the study of meditation and one-pointed awareness breath work.  She now teaches out of her home in Arizona and online. She believes there is an intense connection between self-worth and creating a supportive, non-chaotic environment. She works with groups, individuals, and business owners to help them better understand how to support their authenticity through creating a supportive environment. Cynthia and I speak about her story and her childhood. She shares her story very openly and takes about how she coped after having a non diagnosed stroke at the young age of 6 and how she lived with this disability.  We also talk about how Feng Shui and Meditation changed her life and how she is helping others to do the same.  She shares how you can create a safe space to talk with your partner about difficulties and why you have to practise meditation on the good days so you can handle the bad days. 

From Cynthia, you will learn:

✨How to express your needs 

✨Why do you have to do the work yourself 

✨How to love yourself 

✨How you can find peace and self-love in meditation 

✨How important positive self-talk is 

Links to the episode:

Facebook: asteyastudios-Fengshui and Meditation

Insta: Asteya Studios-Feng Shui and Meditation https://instagram.com/asteyastudios_feng_shui?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Web: asteyastudios.com

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