#31 Why here is always a solution – Interview with Damilare Adeyeri

Today I speak to Damilare about how there is always a solution and why we should never be afraid to ask for help! 
Damilare is a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, author, speaker, dancer and fitness instructor who loves life and radiates with his contagious positive energy. As a Life Coach, Damilare finds fulfilment in driving collaborative change and feels rewarded in celebrating clients’ growth and breakthroughs. He is personally committed to what matters most in their life, career, business, and relationships. 

Born in Nigeria, Damilare has travelled to 26 countries and lived in 8 of them across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Central and North America. When not Coaching, you may find Damilare dancing, drumming, travelling, or doing triathlons! We speak about learned helplessness and why we all are more resourceful than we think. He figured out what happiness is at a very young age by listening to other people. 

From the episode, you will learn. 

✨ why we can’t fail but only learn 

✨ why you should always ask for help 

✨ how much your physiology changes your mood

✨ how to overcome struggles 

✨ why bad moments don’t define your day 

✨ why you are in control of your emotions

While you are listening, you might want to move around a dance a little because this is an enjoyable and happy interview, and Damilare´s positive energy is contagious. 

Contact Info: 

Phone: +1 913-3-J-O-Y-F-U-L (913-356-9385) 

Email: damilareadeyeri@gmail.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/thejoyfuldancer

IG: Instagram.com/thejoyfuldancer

The three questions: 

Can I live with it? 

How can I change this? 

How do I get myself out of this situation? 


Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
Dance Adventures: True Stories About Dancing Abroad, edited by Megan Taylor Morrison.

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