#33 Be yourself – pain with purpose – Interview with Michelle Schneider

On today’s episode, I talk to Michelle; she was born in a small town in Germany. By nature she was curious and creative…two attributes that aren’t really supported or reinforced by the common school systems. So she had to take off on her own at an early age. She started travelling…studying the world with my own mind and senses. Nature became her greatest teacher. Now she is a Yoga Teacher, Writer, Singer and creator of all sorts of things that come to her while she makes space and time for something to arise out of nothing. One part of her thinks she should mention where she grew up, which jobs she pursued or which continents she crossed but the other part of her feels like these pieces of information are all of no real importance.

Identifying oneself with these kinds of experiences categorises and puts us into boxes. And boxes come with borders…with separation, which is something her heart never understood. Writing was always her go-to habit when she felt like her words couldn’t find resonance in the world. It’s been the only constant in her life. Singing is her biggest passion, and she shares this with us towards the end of the interview. She is a very creative person, only 25 years old, but very inspiring, living the life she wants instead of doing what society expects from her. We speak about her childhood and being a successful athlete in her teens, how she felt love for her successes and not for who she was and how she was true to herself and ended her career. 

From today’s episode, you will learn. 

✨how to make decisions based on your heart instead of your head 

✨how you can let go of expectations of others 

✨how to understand what you want 

✨how to find your voice 

✨how to overcome limiting beliefs 

✨how to step right into your venerability 

✨how to find the strength within who you already are 

✨how not to avoid when you are not happy 

Links to the episode:




Glückskinder by 👉 Hermann Scherer 

The Art of Loving by 👉 Erich Fromm 

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