#34 Why are you here? Interview with Andrea Ring 

Today on the podcast, I speak to Andrea from Germany. 

She left the comfort of her home and gave up her old life two years ago to travel with her husband and their kids in a camper van through Europe.  The outside journey also became a journey to herself, a journey to happiness and fulfilment. We speak about the struggles and challenges of travelling together as a family and what happened before they decided to sell all their belongings and started travelling. 

From today’s episode, you will learn. 

✨how to leave your life behind and travel with your family 

✨that you don’t need as much as you think 

✨why nature can give you more happiness than a house 

✨how travelling can bring you closer together with your loved ones

✨how to follow your heart 

✨how to live in a tent or camper van with your husband and three kids 

✨how to slow down 

✨how to take time for yourself even though you are very close to your loved ones 

Links to the episode:

Connect with Andrea 



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The Cafe on the Edge of the World 👉John Strelecky 

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