#36 From heartbreak to self-love – Interview with Birgit Singhammer

Today on the podcast I speak to Birgit from Munich in Germany. 
She grew up with one sister and four brothers, but the relationship with her parents and siblings was not always easy. 
So she left her hometown Laufen to study Health Science in Graz, Austria.

Since 2012 she lives in Munich, where she found her love, not only her boyfriend but also Bikram Yoga, which is her life’s passion. In the studio “Bikram Yoga Munich” is also where I met Birgit for the first time. Her biggest wish and dream is to make this world a better place where we can all live as one in perfect love, peace and harmony. 

Birgit and I speak about her childhood and the difficulties with her parents and how a terrible heartbreak followed by depression led her to having a full-filled relationship with her self, her family and her new partner.

From today’s episode, you will learn. 

✨ the importance of inner child work 
✨ how to overcome heartbreak 
✨ how to find self-love 
✨ how to appreciate yourself 
✨ how to heal the relationship with your parents 
✨ why nobody can make you happy if you are not satisfied inside 

Links to the episode:

What is Bikram Yoga 👉  https://happinessafari.com/yoga/ 
Audible 👉 https://www.audible.co.uk


Eat Pray Love 👉 https://www.elizabethgilbert.com/books/eat-pray-love/ 

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