#37 What does happiness mean to you? Best of season one!

This is the best of the happiness safari podcast season one. 

At the end of every podcast, I ask my guest what happiness means to them. 

In this episode, you hear the answers of our 35 interview guests 🙂 

1. Why I am on a mission to make the world a happier place 
2. Happiness is a journey Interview with Victoria Duzy 
3. Why happiness is being of service to others – Interview with Louise Brimble 
4. Why you are exactly where you need to be – Interview with Julie Wojtkieicz
5. How you can release old negative emotions – Interview with Kaya Hankar 
6. How you can stop being a victim of your emotions – Interview with Tiina Mäenpää
7. What happens when you step into the unknown and jump – Interview with Maria Cruz 
8. How we can develop tools which help us to cope better in life – Interview with Lana Keane 
9. Why you should live in the now and not worry about tomorrow – Interview with Kazim Baksh 
10. How you can identify and change triggers – Interview with Kathi Rocha 
11. Why you can’t give anything to the world until you give it to your self first – Interview with Martyna Zygaj 
12. Why you don’t have to be afraid to take time to yourself – Interview with Naomi Clark 
13. How you can get out of a depression and find your purpose in life – Nadine Faitas 
14. How you can raise your children by inspiration – Interview with Ahlam Abdullha 
15. Kaizen-ify your Life – Interview with Tassja Buch 
16. The magic you discover if you don’t give up – Interview with Kawira Kimathi 
17. Who would you be if you could be who you are? The power of breathwork – Interview with Jean Sangale 
18. Am I living it right? How you can live a life on your soul’s guidance! Interview with Camile Minerbo 
19. How to get out of your struggles! – Interview with Koraljka Jankulovski
20. Why am I doing this? Interview with Wole Yoga 
21. How to find a way if you really want something – Interview with Darine 
22. How to connect more with your intimacy – Interview with Kelly Johnston 
23. Perform with pleasure – Interview with Nico Verresen
24. How to find your soul mate Interview with Simona Deckers 
25. How to love yourself – Interview with Cintia Jei
26. How to build a strong and passionate relationship – Interview with Guylaine Martin 
27. Ways of healing – Interview with Lisa Wuetscher
28. How to choose life – you are not alone- –  Interview with Rachel Zehden 
29. The Power of Feng Shui – Interview with Cynthia Young
30. Connect with your creativity – use your imagination – Interview with Matt Corlett
31. Why here is always a solution – Interview with Damilare Adeyeri
32. There is beautiful life beyond Trauma – How to get out of an abusive relationship – Interview with Kasham Laîné 
33. Be yourself – pain with purpose – Interview with Michelle Schneider
34. Why are you here?  Interview with Andrea
35. Follow your inner  wisdom – Interview with Jessy Nagel 
36. From heartbreak to self-love – Interview with Birgit Sanghammer 

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