#40 Build your freedom business and your dream lifestyle – Interview with Anahyse France

Today I speak to Anahyse, born in Madagascar, raised in France and now living in Germany. 

After almost two decades of teaching English to non-native speakers, first offline, then online, Anahyse finally decided to embrace her passion for entrepreneurship and online marketing.  As a business and productivity coach, she helps multi-passionate lifestyle entrepreneurs build sustainable and profitable ecosystems to support their dreams. 
She hosts the Nomad Creator Podcast, where she interviews entrepreneurs worldwide and shares her tips and strategies to start and grow an online business while staying focused and productive. Quick spoiler, I had the owner to be interviewed on Anahyse podcast as well. I will let you know once the episode is live. 

Anahyse shares her biggest learning with us: Even if you are unsure where you want to go, you have to do it first, and you will figure it out during the process! The more you put yourself out there – the more clarity you have! 

From today’s episode, you will learn. 

✨ how to get clarity on what you want 
✨ why we sometimes get into our heads too much 
✨ why if you have an idea and have it often enough – you should find a way to try out this idea 
✨ why everything stats with clarity 
✨ how to transform your thoughts 

This is an episode you want to take notes on, especially if you are an entrepreneur or want to become a digital nomad. 
Links to the episode:

Get in touch with Anahyse 👉www.anahysefrance.com/linkin-bio

Future mail 👉 https://www.futureme.org/ 


Miracle morning 👉 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17166225-the-miracle-morning 

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