#42 You are enough – how to stop the self-doubt and increase self-love – Interview Marina Wunsch

Marina was born in Germany and started to work with and for people from the age of 18. First, as a night watch in a group home for mentally ill people, that’s when she knew this was what she wanted to do, and I started to dig deeper into this profession. She learned and still learning as much as she can in various areas such as psychology, social education, systemic work, different methods, interventions, personal development and spirituality. This was also the beginning of healing herself and understanding why she never felt enough or worthy. 

She studied social pedagogy and worked in this profession in different areas for 15 years with chronically mentally ill people, younger people in a foster home in Vancouver, Canada. With people who had cancer, helping them through coaching and mental training, young offenders with a criminal history, people who needed professional rehabilitation and also in care for the elderly. We are speaking about how it affected her as a child when her father left the family when she was five years old and how forgiveness helped her to cope after he passed away when she was 21. 

Marina also shares openly her experience suffering from bulimia for over ten years (15 -27) and how she finally overcame that. She takes about how you hurt the people around you if you are hurting yourself. 

From today’s episode, you will learn. 

✨how to let go of self-doubts 

✨how to change self-destructive patterns

✨why you should always ask for help 

✨if you want to change, you can 

✨how to forgive 

✨how to change negative beliefs 

✨why you are enough 

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Six human needs Test 👉 http://core.tonyrobbins.com/driving-force-2 


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