#43 Lagos: The new Hotspot for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers in Portugal – Interview with Joana Gloria

On today’s episode, I speak to Joana Gloria, the Founder of “Lagos Digital Nomads.”

When I asked her to describe her biggest life motivators, it was no surprise that Joana responded with networking and travel.

Having the ability to work on her projects and vision, as well as the freedom to work from anywhere, was what prompted Joana to start her own business. After graduating from the Universidade do Algarve with a Hotel Management degree, she started her own business at the age of 26 by opening two Guest Houses in Lagos. Each of these Guest Houses was awarded over a 9.0 rating on booking.com and set the tone for the Guest House industry in Lagos.

To continue nurturing her desire to learn and develop new skills, Joana moved to Lisbon. In Lisbon, she was introduced to the Digital world and launched the platform “Eat at a Local’s” in March 2019.

In the meantime, the pandemic hit and her project were put on hold. However, like many entrepreneurs, her resiliency allowed her to keep working and fighting for what she believed in: the freedom to work on her ideas and vision. 

She took advantage of the confinement to evaluate new trends, and in the summer of 2020, she saw an opportunity in the Digital Nomads market. She immediately launched her latest project, “Lagos Digital Nomads”, which, according to her, is the best of her two worlds: Tourism and Networking.

Seeing the potential within her hometown, Joana has already turned Lagos into a Digital Nomads and Remote Workers hotspot. Lagos is an excellent destination with the perfect conditions to host this type of market, not only due to the climate and infrastructure of the area but also due to the strong community spirit that has already been created.

Joana and I speak about the Digital Nomads Community in Lagos and what it has to offer. And why in our option Lagos is the best Digital Nomads Hotspot. 

She also shares an incredible story of an NLP Seminar she visited in Portugal and how frustration and anger turned into the happiest moment of her life. 

From Joana, you will also learn. 

✨ how to heal “Entrepreneur pain.” 
✨ why Investing in Self Development is the key to happiness 
✨ how to deal with setbacks 
✨ how Creativity can help you to get out of your head 
✨ why creativity can reduce your stress levels 

No matter if you are a digital nomad or want to become one. Or you are an entrepreneur or just a human being who is curious to learn more about personal development – in any case; this episode is for you! 

Links to the episode:

Eat at a locals 👉 https://eatatalocals.com/en 

Lagos Digital Nomads Website 👉 https://lagosdigitalnomads.com/en/ 

Contact Joana 👉 info@lagosdigitalnomads.com.  

NLP 👉 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming 

Emotional Freedom Course 👉https://www.okeiinstitute.com/ (only in Portuguese) 

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think 👉Hans Rosling

Millionaire Mind👉 https://millionairemindevents.com/secrets-of-the-millionaire-mind/  

Purpose: The courage to be who we are 👉 Sri Prem Baba

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