#5 How you can release old negative emotions – Interview with Kaya Hankar

Today on the podcast, I speak to Kaya, an incredible and inspirational human being I met in Kenya. Kaya is an energy healer and emotion code, practitioner. 

She works a lot with emotions enabling their expression and releasing the trapped and blocked ones from the body’s different systems. 

This brings the body back into balance, prevents dis – ease, and enables it to do what it does best – which is to heal itself.  She is also an energy shifter – she intends to show you where your power lies and give it back to you should you be ready to claim it back. 

I always like to learn and grow, I am very open to finding new ways of healing and exploring myself, my body, mind, and soul. So when I was in Kenya this year, Kaya helped me release some old energy blockages, it was a truly amazing experience we will speak about in the podcast. 

When I asked her to describe herself to you, she said: Defining who I am and what I do feels limiting as energy is ever-expanding and changing, and energy is what we are. 

Believe me, you will feel during the interview that’s exactly what she is, pure energy 🙂 

From Kaya, you learn. 

  • What the emotion code is and how you can release old negative emotions 
  • How you can differentiate the ego and your intuition 
  • How you can befriend the ego & accept it 
  • How you can become the observer of pain 
  • How you can deal with the fear of pain 

My heart and soul are so full after this conversation, and I hope yours will be as well! 

Enjoy listening 


get in touch with Kaya: https://www.instagram.com/healwithkaya/?hl=en 


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