#52 – You just have to decide to be happy – how to stop your misery – Interview with Nadine Faitas

On the Happiness Safari podcast, I interview entrepreneurs who changed their lives and found their happiness, purpose and freedom. My mission is to make the world a better place! stop the suffering! 

Usually on the Happiness Safari podcast I interview other people sharing their stories, but today I would like to share an episode where I share my story. A really good friend of mine – Deborah Small interviewed me on her podcast – Deb Talks – How Implementing Spirituality into your daily life. And I want to share this episode with you. Deborah and I spoke about why I started this podcast and how she helped me overcoming my depressive anxiety disorder 4 years ago. We discuss how we all experience trauma and how the meaning of happiness changes over time and how we can help the world by helping our selfs

From today’s episode, you will learn.

✨why happiness is a choice
✨how you can stop being depressed 
✨how you can transform your life
✨why decisions are so powerful 
✨why we want to feel sad or miserable 
✨how your heart can expand endless 

Links to the episode:

Deb Talks – How Implementing Spirituality into your daily life 


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