#53 Let go of the old and make room for the new  ✨ Special Full Moon Meditation with Nadine 

Today I would like to share a special full moon mediation with you! 

The whole universe is one organism. 
Everything is connected with everything else. But there is a special connection with the Moon and the Mind because Our body is made of 60% of water. 
The moon’s energy just as it affects the seawater tide can have profound and subtle effects on our lives. 

Believe it or not, the moon and stars influence our lives in invisible ways. But by more understanding of these natural phenomena, we can direct natural energy in the desired direction and gain a clearer understanding of ourselves and our life. So follow along the full moon guided meditation, a special meditation for letting go.

From today’s episode, you will learn: 

✨how to let go of unworthiness
✨ how to let go of doubt
✨ how to let go of fear and anger
✨ how to let go of resentment
✨ how to let go of judgment
✨ how to let go of envy and comparisons
✨ how to let go of relationships that do not serve me
✨ how to let go of toxic people and situations

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