#9 Why you should live in the now and not worry about tomorrow – Interview with Kazim Baksh

Today on the podcast, I speak to Kazim. He is the founder of the Broken to Rise Movement. This movement seeks to help parents who grew up in broken or unstable homes create the family they deserved as children. Kazim has also been running a Clinic in his local community for the past seven years. His clinic helps with both mental health and bodily aches & pains. Kazim shares a very sad and emotional story, which taught him how not to worry about tomorrow. I am deeply grateful to have met such a wonderful and giving human being like Kazim, who only lives to help others.  I am sure you will feel all his love for humans during this interview. Kazim seeks to be a force for good and positive change. He truly believes that by helping one person, he is helping the world. 

From Kazim, you will learn 

💫Why gratitude is so powerful 
💫Why you should live in the now and not worry about tomorrow 
💫Why it’s, important to find the good in every moment 
💫Why do you owe it to yourself to pause sometimes

I hope you will enjoy the interview, and it will help and inspire you! 

You can find Kazim on  Facebook & Twitter @KazBaksh IG @KazimBaksh
You can also email him directly at Kazim@brokenToRise.com 

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