#2 Happiness is a journey Interview with Victoria Duzy

My first interview guest is my dear friend and World traveller Victoria from Hamburg, Germany. 
We met in London in 2018, after she came back to Europe after living in Singapur & Hongkong for five years. 
Victoria inspired me to do the podcast; that´s why she is my first guest. Victoria shares how happiness to her is not a destination but a journey. We talked about the struggles during the pandemic and how she decided to be happy. She is a very positive person; she has the availability to enjoy the little moments and live life to the fullest. And now get yourself comfortable and enjoy the first episode 🙂 Enjoy listening to it!

In the interview with Victoria, you will learn…

✨ why awareness and gratitude are the biggest game-changers
✨ why you should live life to the fullest and get out of your comfort zone

What do you take away from it for yourself? I look forward to your insights and thoughts on the episode. Feel free to comment on Instagram @nadineanneyoga. From the bottom of my heart, I would love for you to share this episode so that as many people as possible hear this message and realise that we can always choose happiness.

Links to the episode:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/victoria.scarlett/?hl=en 

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