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This year in May my friend and Bikram Teacher Michael Harris asked me if I wanted to write a chapter for his new Book “Within“. He said it would be about life-changing stories from other Bikram Yoga Teachers and I only had to share my story. As I had told “my life story” or the story which changed my life so many times until now I spontaneously said yes and began to write my chapter. My goal is to inspire you to think differently about your life or the situation you are in at the moment because, trust me on that one, everything can change in a heartbeat. So if you are at a difficult place in your life, please don´t give up! Keep going, because there is an end of the tunnel and it´s so much brighter on the other side.

Forget about chasing elusive success or leaving behind a towering legacy. The secret is simple: be happy now. Whether your life is a blazing inferno or a sparkling triumph, you hold the power to choose your own path. No more waiting for some mythical destination. It’s time to savor the journey and embrace every precious moment you have.

If you’re ready to take the reins of your life and ride the wave of self-discovery, grab this book with both hands. Join the ranks of millions of people from every corner of the globe who have been touched by its powerful message from each and every contributing author. 

Let “Within” be your compass, guiding you to a life of extraordinary possibilities.

So, my friend, are you ready to dive into the depths of your own potential?

Are you ready to rewrite the rules and embark on a wild and wonderful adventure? Then don’t hesitate, because the only regret you’ll have is not starting sooner.  

For so long, I was content and happy with my life, or so I thought. The greatest fear was losing everything that mattered to me, especially my husband, who was my world. Freshly married and madly in love after a five-year long-distance relationship between Germany and Italy, we finally lived together in Munich. Losing him would be the end of me, or so I believed.

Then, one summer day, my nightmare became a reality. My husband went missing, and my family and the police searched for him everywhere. 

I knew something terrible must have happened. 

Until I got a phone call from my best friend: “Nadine,” she said, “you must be very strong now. The police found your husband, and he is not injured but lost his memory and has no idea who he is.” At that very moment, I felt like dying. The pain and helplessness I felt were unbearable. What did she mean? He lost his memory and didn’t know who he was. 

On my way back from a business trip, I was about to board a plane from Hamburg to Munich. I don’t remember much of the flight or the time between the phone call and arriving at the hospital. It felt like I was standing beside myself, watching me, but still fully being there. The nurse guided me into the emergency room, where he lay in a bed. I walked slowly toward him, and the moment his eyes caught mine, I knew he didn’t know who I was.

The eyes that looked at me full of love for all these years were empty, lonely, sad, and confused……

To read the rest of my story and all the other stories, grab your copy here.


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